Team Fire Safety Training

Base news

We had a slightly different start to our working day last Thursday when the entire team gathered at the office for fire safety training.

Here at Base Building Solutions we are keen to ensure that each member of the team, whether office based or working out on sites, knows what to do in the event of a fire.  Although our policy has always been that team members shouldn’t attempt to tackle a fire, we want to ensure that everyone has had sufficient training to safely make their way out of a building should a fire take place.

The first half of the training involved learning about fire safety legislation, the chemistry of a fire, as well as fire prevention, detection and procedures.  We then moved onto the (equally as important but slightly more fun!) part of testing out the fire extinguishers.  We each took turns to put out a controlled fire, whether it was paper, liquid, oil or electrical based, with the most appropriate fire extinguisher.  For some of us, this was our first time using a fire extinguisher but thanks to our trainer, everyone did this calmly, safely and effectively.

We all feel a lot better placed having spent the morning undertaking fire training but have our fingers crossed that we won’t have to put what we learnt into practice at any point in the future!