Roof Corrosion Treatment

At our latest project, another industrial unit refurbishment, the roof is currently showing signs of lifespan related wear and cut edge corrosion.  This will have likely formed due to rainwater settling, becoming trapped on the roof edges and overlaps, and then dissolving the protective zinc layer of the roof.

To extend the life of the roof going forward, we are using the Seamsil Cut Edge Corrosion System. This is a silicone based treatment, which covers the damaged area and prevents water penetrating the roof further.  It is formed of a basecoat, topcoat and sealant.  We have been applying the treatment this week.

Meanwhile, other external works at the site have included replacing roof lights and cladding, reconstructing a damaged wall, resurfacing and curb repair works, as well as replacing paving slabs and a manhole cover.

Internally, our team have stripped out the warehouse.  This has involved taking out a mezzanine floor, as well as taking down partitions in the office and replacing the staff kitchen.

We are now in the process of painting the warehouse fully from top to bottom.  We will continue the refurbishment works over the coming weeks ready for the landlord’s agent to market the property going forward.