Mezzanine Move

We were approached by a client recently asking us if we could help them with a project to move a mezzanine floor. They wanted us to take the mezzanine down in the warehouse at one of their premises, transport and erect it at their main headquarters.  We were only too pleased to oblige.

The original mezzanine had been used to provide first floor offices at our client’s ancillary premises but was no longer required in this location.  Before we could start taking down the floor though, our first task after arriving onsite was to dismantle the office accommodation. This involved us stripping out the internal walls, doors and windows, taking out the electrics and lighting, and pulling up the carpet tile flooring. Our team set to work with this, filling several skips as they worked.

Once we had removed the offices, this left an empty mezzanine.  At this point our team started to take it down, section by section. But, given that we would be reconstructing the mezzanine elsewhere, it was vitally important that we understood how it went together again!  We came up with a comprehensive numbering scheme, which involved numbering each piece as we took it down to aid us in putting it back together.  Once we’d removed each section, we transported everything and then worked carefully to erect the mezzanine floor in its new location.  Fortunately, our numbering scheme paid off and the mezzanine went up without issue. It’s now used as additional storage in the warehouse of the client’s head office.