Car Garage Redecoration

Car Garage Redecoration

For this project we were approached by a local car garage asking if we could help them redecorate their premises.  Unfortunately, the garage had recently suffered from a small fire, which had caused damage to the internal elements of the building.

The works commenced after the client moved out of the premises, emptying it of their tools and equipment ready for our arrival.  The next stage was for our team to prepare the walls and ceilings. Naturally, these were dirty and rough, so time was needed to wash them down before we started spray painting.

When painting large open areas such as a warehouse or industrial unit, we often use our paint spraying machine.  Not only does it save time but it gives a really good even paint coverage.  On the main workshop walls we applied a stain blocker and sealing agent before finishing with a grey top coat. The ceilings were completed in the same process with a bright white finish. The stain blocker and sealer/primer help cover stains and odours, so are particularly useful in a heavily used environment that has suffered from fire damage. We also painted throughout in the office areas to give them a new lease of life going forward.

When we started this project the interior of the premises was dark and grimy following years of use as a garage and the effects of a recent fire. It’s now looking bright and fresh, following its redecoration.